Remove timestamps from YouTube transcripts

Remove timestamps from your YouTube video transcripts with ease. Simply upload your .sbv file, then click on the Clean timestamps button to clean the text.

Choose the YouTube .sbv transcript file:

See/edit the selected transcript file:

How to clean timestamps from your YouTube transcripts?

You can quickly clean your YouTube transcript file (no matter how big it is) by using the tool. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Upload your file: Upload your original YouTube transcript file in the .sbv format (see below image).
  2. Clean timestamps: Press the Clean timestamps button to wipe all timestamps from the file.
  3. Copy cleaned text: Press the Copy cleaned text button to copy the text without timestamps.

Yes, it's that simple!

Copy the transcript from your YouTube video

After copying the cleaned text, you can save it as a .txt or .sbv file or directly paste inside YouTube.

And, there is absolutely no restriction on how big the text can be, the tool can easily remove timestamps from tens of hours of your YouTube transcript.