Remove timestamps from transcripts

Remove timestamps from video transcripts or any type of text file with ease. Simply copy & paste or upload your text files, then hit the Clean timestamps button to do the job.

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What is TimeWipe?

TimeWipe is a specialized tool designed with writers and content creators in mind. It provides an easy way to remove various formats of time-stamps from text content. It is perfect for individuals handling transcripts or any text-format document that includes timestamps and wishes to declutter it.

Working of TimeWipe - Remove Timestamps from Transcripts

Whether you're dealing with a YouTube transcript filled with timestamps or a conversation log jumbled with undesired time notations, TimeWipe is here to make your experience hassle-free.

Key features of TimeWipe

Some of the key features of the tool are:

How to clean timestamps from transcripts?

  1. Paste your text: Paste your original transcript or text content into TimeWipe's text box or upload your text file in .txt format.
  2. Clean timestamps: Press the Clean timestamps button to wipe all timestamps.
  3. Copy cleaned text: Press the Copy cleaned text button to copy the cleaned results - it's that simple!

Experience the ease of timestamp cleaning and effortlessly improve the readability of your transcript with TimeWipe!

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